natture Scratchers


At “natture”, we understand that our beloved pets can sometimes get carried away with their natural scratching instincts, leading to discomfort and potential damage to furniture. That’s why we’ve designed our “CIRCLE SHAPE NATKT17SCR” with your pet’s well-being in mind.


At “natture”, we believe in enhancing the well-being of our beloved feline companions. With our “KITTY SHAPE-NAT30SCR,” your cat can indulge in their natural scratching instincts while enjoying hours of play and relaxation in one stylish package.


Introducing “WHALE-NAT12SCR” by “natture”: Your Cat’s Seaside Paradise

At “natture”, we’re committed to enriching the lives of our feline friends, and the “WHALE-NAT12SCR” offers a unique and delightful scratching and play experience that your cat will adore.


Introducing “SEMI OBLONG-NATKH37SCR” by “natture”: Your Cat’s Stylish Scratch and Lounge Haven

At “natture”, we’re dedicated to elevating the lives of our feline companions, and the “SEMI OBLONG-NATKH37SCR” offers a unique and elegant scratching and lounging experience that your cat will adore.


Introducing “HOLLOW RECT-NATKL155SCR” by “natture”: A Modern Cat’s Dream Scratch and Play Haven

At “natture”, we’re dedicated to enhancing the lives of our feline friends, and the “HOLLOW RECT-NATKL155SCR” offers a contemporary and functional scratching and play experience that your cat will adore.

Why to choose our Pet Products?

High Cardboard QualityDurable, Non-Toxic Materials, High Quality cardboard reducing minimum dust and allergens from the cardboard. ensuring they’re safe for your cat.
Size and DesignVarious size products that match your cat's size, age, and scratching preferences (vertical or horizontal).
TextureCorrugated cardboard – cats find this texture appealing for scratching because it can mimic tree bark, which is natural scratching surface
DurabilityScratch resistant surfaces to damage from your pet claws. A durable product shows minimal signs of wear even in short period
Easy maintenanceEasy to clean with recommended "natture" Pet Formulation mist spray
SafetyDesigned for impact durability-heavier and sturdier products are less likely to shift or tip during use. Free from harmful adhesion and chemical for pets.